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The All New MBTI®

CPP – Asia Pacific (formerly known as APP), is now the sole Australasian distributor of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument.

This new 4 day Accreditation program enables consultants to administer and interpret the various versions of the MBTI® instrument including Step I and Step II, as well as the newly developed MBTI® Complete Interpretive Reports.

Completely revised, this new program covers theory and development of the MBTI® and how to apply it to team building, coaching and leadership development. Reliability and validity of the instrument are briefly covered, as is dynamics of Type and Type development-over-life issues.

Assessment is now ongoing throughout the course, releasing participants from the stress of a comprehensive exam.

All CPP Asia Pacific course Participants receive comprehensive training materials, reference materials and a presentation on CD-ROM for subsequent group presentations.

Course fees include lunch, morning and afternoon tea and are conducted in a pleasant comfortable environment.

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